Neroli Cosmetics is an organic skincare brand that focuses on the use of natural ingredients to bring out the beauty from within. They carry cruelty-free and vegan beauty products such as soaps, shampoos and cosmetics, all made with ethically-sourced natural ingredients.

Create a brand identity and web design for a fictional beauty brand.
Showcase values along with product photos.

Neroli Cosmetics required a brand identity that reflected their values of empowering women by embracing their inner and natural beauty.

Full Logo

Wordmark and Monogram

Typography & Colors
The typography and colors chosen add to the brand's personality by bringing softness, gentleness, and sophistication.
These images are examples of packaging design of Neroli Cosmetic products.
Neroli Skin Care
Neroli Bath Products
Full Page
Full view of the Home, Product Catalog, and Product Description page.
Project Details
This web design concept was completed during my coursework at Valencia College for the Interactive Design Production Certificate. 

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