Peace River Campground is a family owned and operated campgrounds that cater to families looking to have an enjoyable time in the great outdoors. Since 2014, they offer a wide variety of activities and events, 160 acres of camping grounds, RV accommodations, and are pet friendly.

Revamp and refresh brand and website design.
Fix readability and typographic hierarchy issues.
Organize content and information for easier navigation.​​​​​​​
Peace River Campground was in need of a new logo in order to give a fresh and updated look to match their new web design.

Old logo vs. New logo

Typography & Colors
The typefaces and colors chosen add to the site's personality by bringing bright, fun, and campy tones.
Information Architecture
The goal for reorganization of this site was to condense related topics to an overarching category and provide quick links in the footer. Doing so will help simplify the organization of the pages on the site.
Images & Iconography
These images exemplify the campy, family-friendly, nature vibes that Peace River Campground wants to provide for its audience. It allows the user to get a visual of what they can expect when they enjoy a stay at Peace River Campground. 
The icons are inspired by the simplified icons that can be commonly found on a campground. The simplicity of the design provide straight-to-the-point visual of what is being portrayed as far as what kind of amenities Peace River Campground has to offer.
Additional Pages
Preview of the About Us and Plan your Visit pages.
Project Details
This web design concept was completed during my coursework at Valencia College for the Interactive Design Production Certificate. 
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