The Dove III is the third restaurant among The Dove restaurants that are owned by the Mattiello family.
Originally founded in Italy in 1892 by the grandparents of John Mattiello, John set out to the United States at age 16 to pursue the American Dream. After successfully opening 3 restaurants by 1975, John Mattiello became the executive Chef of the Hideaway in NYC. The original Dove was followed by the opening of the second Dove in Buffalo, NY. In 1989, John and his family took a vacation to Florida, fell in love with the tropical state and opened up The Dove III in 1990.
The Dove III is located in beautiful downtown Melbourne, offers fine Italian dining with a specialty in Neapolitan cuisine and has an extensive wine list that showcases the finest wines personally selected by the Executive Chef, John Mattiello. 

Revamp and refresh brand and website design.
Provide more photos of food and wines.
Organize content and information for easier navigation.
The Dove III was in need of a new logo in order to give a fresh and updated look to match their new web design.
Typography & Colors
The typefaces and colors chosen add to the site's personality by bringing elegance and subtle pops of color.
Information Architecture
The goal for reorganization of this site was to condense related topics to an overarching category to minimize navigation bar options. Information such as hours of operation, contact details, and quick links would also be found in the footer.
These images exemplify the fine dining experience that consumers can experiences at The Dove III. They put an emphasis on the plating and appeal of the different type of dishes and fine wines that can be indulged into at the restaurant.
These images can also bring a more familiar essence to fine dining, with a homey feel to attract families and as a way to hint at the Italian roots of the restaurant.
Full Pages
Full views of the Home and Menu pages.
Project Details
This web design concept was completed during my coursework at Valencia College for the Interactive Design Production Certificate. 
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