Project Brief
May - July 2022 (7 weeks)

UX Designer and Researcher 

Adobe XD, Google Meet

Project for the UX Design Master's program 
at Maryland Institute College of Art
UX Research
Usability Testing​​​​​​​

Faculty Advisor
Kafi Waters
Etsy buyers need assistance with purchasing a unique gift because Etsy's catalog of shops and items can be overwhelming and can take hours to browse through. How might we aid buyers with comparing their options when planning their gift so they can make their purchasing decisions more quickly and decisively?

Etsy is an e-commerce platform, founded in 2005. Etsy's products are its website and mobile app. They offer sellers a platform to create their own digital storefront and sell their unique products to buyers looking for specialty items. These items can range from handmade craft goods to vintage products. 
Planning Board is a feature for Etsy that allows users to save and compare various products side by side. 
User Survey and Interviews
To understand my target audience's needs, pain points, and goals.

Personas and User Flow 
To empathize with the target audience and understand their future state journey. 
To brainstorm solutions to the target audience's problem.

Wireflows, Prototyping, and Usability Testing
To outline, create, and test the usability of my product's features to help achieve my target audience's needs and goals.
Persona & User Flow​​​​​​​
I created Persona and User flow to get an understanding of my target audience and their pain points.
Based on my research, it was clear that there needed to be an enhanced visual hierarchy and feature that would allow buyers to have a dedicated and organized space for the comparison of saved items. 
Usability Testing
4 moderated tests
•Google Meet
4 women and 1 man
Ages 20- Late 30s

To understand whether the addition of this new feature will be useful in aiding both viewers’ and streamers’ in maintaining their entertainment and community building needs.
Buyer Insights

Across the board, all participants gave positive feedback on the overall experience and interactions. Buyers would describe the features as clean, easy, and helpful. Comparison space prevented users from having multiple tabs open.

Users expressed wanting to use the planning boards for personal projects or as a wishlist.

The average number of items users would like to compare was 4 items.

There was an emphasis on potential sharing capabilities. 

Users wanted another method to add items to the space to aid in adding lower-listed items easier. ​​​​​​​
“It's like Etsy meets Pinterest

"I would use this, especially for holiday shopping"
Final Prototype
Focus on Feedback
During testing, users were keen to see the finer details I missed that could aid in refining the feature

Focus on Buyer's experience
DuThere was great value in taking the Buyer's experience into account, as it felt like Etsy was a Seller-first platform

Peer feedback 
Getting feedback from peers allowed me to further my design thinking from an outside and different perspective
What I'd do differently
Keep in mind various desktop devices
During interviews, users had various devices that I did not account for, i.e. Microsoft Surface, and MacBook Air.  

Take time to go through Buyer's journey
This would allow additional user flows to account for features that would be more beneficial to the buyer's experience 

Explore more ways for collaboration and decision-making
Users expressed interest in collaboration abilities with others ​​​​​​​

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