Project Brief
August - October 2022 (7 weeks)

UX Designer and Researcher 

Figma, Google Meet/Discord

Project for the UX Design Master's program 
at Maryland Institute College of Art
UX Research
Usability Testing​​​​​​​

Faculty Advisor
Nitin Sampathi
Casual Twitch viewers have busy schedules and may often not have time to catch their favorite streamers when they go live on Twitch. How might we aid casual viewers with connecting with their favorite streamers when they miss their live streams?

Twitch is the world's leading live streaming platform, known for its video game content. Since its launch in 2011, Twitch offers creators an opportunity to stream content to viewers, and viewers the opportunity to interact with streamers and the rest of their community. Since the start of the pandemic, Twitch's viewer count has increased by more than 80%.
Watch List is a feature for Twitch that allows users to save their favorite streamer's past streams to a watch later list to view at their own time.  
Proto-Personas and User Flows
To empathize with the target audience, identify opportunities, and understand their natural flow through Twitch. 

Wireflows, Prototyping, and Usability Testing
To outline, create, and test the usability of my product's features to help achieve my target audience's needs and goals.
I created Proto-personas to quickly get an understanding of my target audience and their pain points.
Usability Testing
5 moderated tests
•Google Meet/Discord
4 men and 1 woman
Ages 19-30
Included 1 Twitch Affiliate Streamer
To understand whether the addition of this new feature will be useful in aiding both viewers’ and streamers’ in maintaining their entertainment and community building needs.
Viewer Insights

Don't catch streams live that often.

Some watch VODs or clips on other platforms.

A couple of testers wanted to navigate directly to the streamer page.

The experience was familiar. 
“Could be a more prominent feature on the home page, but once I did it once, everything kinda flows
Streamer Insights

The users had some hesitancy regarding the functionality of the ‘planning a group hike’ feature. Users didn’t understand whether their action of inviting people to their hike was confirmed.  We identified opportunities for optimizations within this feature to make it more helpful by providing user feedback. 

Users were uncertain whether the packing list was an individual list or a group list.

“It's super accesible...
 I no longer have to dig for the setting.
Design System
I utilized Twitch's existing brand and design guidelines.
Final Prototype
Focus on Discoverability and Accessibility
More prominent presence on the home page

Seamless integration into the platform's existing systems

Familiarity with components found on other platforms 
Users recognize the kebab drop-down menu
Next Steps
If we were to develop this project further...
Continue Watch List development
Continue to research, understand, and test the functionality of the Watch List page to include a categories system for organization and 

Expand streamer options for VOD settings
Allow the user the ability to select a VOD as playback video on their creator page and create playlists for their followers to navigate through

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